Team Wildpaces Swim - May

We are on a road trip through Cornwall, stopping off in Dorset at Dartington Hall by the river Dart. Here we finally went swimming without a wetsuit and lasted almost 20 minutes. It was wonderful. We camped, swam and walked. Spring is wonderful time to visit Dorset, Cornwall. The tourist season has not started yet, the spring flowers are beautiful, the woods are in fresh bright green colour. We had the whole campsite almost to ourselves and on suite showers.
While visiting a small village in Cornwall, we did swim around the rocky coastline. The water is incredible and clear. We truly have now caught the swimming bug and it is now more the discovery to reach places that cannot be easily by foot or car.

Speaking to seasoned swimmers in our circle of friends, the hardy ones already swimming in the sea throughout the winter told us – go into the sea without a wetsuit, your body can do the work of a wetsuit to keep you warm itself no wetsuit need, count out 60 seconds and you will feel how your body starts to adjust to the cold water and builds up an armour suit. However, first wear still the shoes and gloves as this parts with get cold first. At first, I did not believe it. How can that be but did remember that as a child I swam in very cold water of the coast of Holland and did not even question it.
So we did it. First went in with the legs up to the hips, counting freezing cold to 60 but then something amazing happened. The legs felt warm and we did go further in with body, then over the shoulders and every time the body followed with its own wetsuit and it felt fantastic.
We swam for up 20 minutes but then had to get out. It was an almost spiritual experience. I never have really appreciated what the body can do.
Now there is no going back from it anymore. We will go in now weekly but still will wear a suit for longer distances. That is our next goal to build up the distances, swimming in cold sea or lake water to be able to reach the remote places, caves and islands. At the same time building up our capability to swim longer without a wetsuit.