Paddle to Pier July 2019

    It was a beautiful morning although waking up on a Saturday morning at 4.30 am is always a bit of challenge.  Once on the bike feeling the summer breeze, it was all forgotten.  The sea was flat and the sun playing on the water.  We swam  the Brighton Pier to Pier Paddle 2.5km and a perfect event it was.  A very calm mass start and everybody was quickly falling into their own rhythm.  A much easier swim than last time, yes it was shorter but I think I could have gone on.  But this time my breathing seems much easier and I settled into the race right from the start.
Thanks to Brighton Tri Club for a very nice and enjoyable swim.  One thing is to be noted, there are more people getting into the water and having a go a Open Water Swimming.

We keep you posted on our next adventure.  Have a go yourself ......